How to deliver insights that drive action


 I’ll be brutally honest with you. There’s nothing more nerve-wrecking for me than writing a debrief for a project. You need to translate a mountain of insights and information into a presentation, picking up only what matters, and present that in front of a client. If the analysis and synthesis part wasn’t hard enough, you have to do it while fighting that internal gremlin that screams “who are you to say how this multi-billion product should position itself?” Sounds familiar?

In this course I will teach you how to repeatedly create strategic deliverables that deliver tons of value to your client, makes your strategy pop out, and remove the anxiety of creating it in the first place. 

You’ll get answers to questions like:

  • How do I turn insights into an easy to understand strategy that drives action

  • How do I create a compelling presentation that clients want to share internally

  • How do I put my client in the same page as me

  • How do I create a repeatable process that I can use for any project, and removes the anxiety of writing a presentation

  • How do I show my value as a strategist by creating a presentation that really is worth the price paid

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